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It’s the Best Investment You’ll Ever make in Your Game.

If you’re serious about lower scores, you should attend an upcoming Dave Pelz Scoring Game School.

Our Two-Day and Three-Day schools focus strictly on shots and skills you can use effectively from inside 100 yards - the chips, putts, wedge and sand shots that will help you play with confidence and lower scores.

Our One-Day Clinics bring Pelz instruction to your city in fun and informative six-hour sessions. Our expert staff will show you techniques and practice habits to support a lifetime of improved scoring.

Small class sizes and low student-to-teacher ratio ensure a rewarding experience.

Call 1-800-833-7370 today to book your school experience at one of our premier luxury resort locations.

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Dave Pelz

Pelz offerings at Cimarron Golf Resort:

Three-Day Scoring Game School

  • Our premier golf instruction program.
  • Three full days of putting, chipping, pitching, wedge and sand play instruction.
  • Designed to help golfers improve shots and skills that affect their scores.
  • Video of your progress.
  • Full analysis of your scoring game.
  • 4-to-1 student-to-teacher ratio.

Two-Day Short Game School

  • Two-Day sessions feature a strict focus on short game skills (no putting instruction)
  • Learn the mechanics of solid, straight short game shots plus essentials skills from 100 yards in.
  • Video Analysis and practice with feedback.
  • 4-to-1 student-to-teacher ratio.

One-Day Clinics

  • Six Hours on Short game and putting basics.
  • You’ll leave understanding the key shots you need to begin in your path to better scoring.
  • Sessions held weekly
  • 6-to-1 student-to-teacher ratio.

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